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Potty Training In 3 Days Review

As soon as a child is born, our relationship with the diapers starts. And being a parent there is one thing which always troubles our mind and that is potty training. Changing diapers umpteen times a day can be tiring and exhausting. It becomes very difficult for us to teach our children a few potty manners or in better clear terms, how to do potty in the toilet. Our toddlers are innocent and naughty and this makes them teaching the toilet manners all the more difficult.

I am a proud aunt of two little boys, one is of 18 months and the other one has just turned two. Since my sister is a single mom, I assume a big responsibility on helping with the boys’ education and discipline. And I can admit what one of our biggest challenges was. We were both scared to potty train our boys. As I wanted to help and ease her anxiety on this potty training, I started questioning people about it without her knowing. All I got was the dos and don´ts about potty… all these old stories that just looked so farfetched from reality and that everyone had their own way of doing but not the exact way to accomplish it. Everyone looked equally scared and some even more than both of us. So my ultimate step was to dig in online and do some research. I went over some bunch of videos on YouTube and blogs but everything seemed to be telling a story of their own experience as parents and not actually a method. So after a long research, I came across the website of Carol Cline which, specifically, guides us through step by step on how to potty train the kids. Guess that was just as close as finding the bible to a catholic person, I was thrilled and unlighted with the whole explanation.

Does Potty Training In 3 Days Work

I bought the book immediately and ran through it in one single day! Carol Cline’s Potty Training In 3 Days is a 136 pages book containing 17 chapters that go all the way from the background of the potty training to how to prepare you and your children, the differences between children (twins, boys/girls, multiple children, autism/Asperger’s and other diagnosed disorders) to how to wipe their bums and take care of their good health.

Of course, the ultimate chapter is the eighth chapter where she clearly states the Potty Training In 3 Days method that is effortless and so effective. She guides you through every single detail for you to prepare and accomplish in each day. From as soon as day 1 where she tells you that the potty should be already in the bathroom and you should make an event out of throwing the diapers, between other simple things that it will make this so much easier to guide you. And she continues to direct you through the second day and third, nap time, night time and from the days forward out in the world.

She explains it through this simple six crucial block steps:
    Is Potty Training In 3 Days a Scam
  • Readying your children (through a calendar to the date he is potty trained)
  • Preparing yourself
  • The first day is crucial (to pay more attention and follow her tips)
  • Potty training at night (excluded in any other guides that I searched for, everyone seems to omit this very complicated part of the process)
  • The final 2 days (motivational tactics that make the kids want to run to the potty)
  • Paying very close attention to all the tips and guidelines
Carol Cline clearly developed this method by her experience as a mother of four and director of her day care. She is the author of the Potty Training In 3 Days Program. She was one of the only persons I came across that could finally set a guideline that is effective and is specific. We didn´t need to wonder anymore and not knowing anything and neither did we have a plan, but now we did and we followed it carefully. The results were amazing!! First we tried on the oldest one that was just turning three, he was getting late in his potting training time since we didn´t know how to help. He showed the signs of how we wanted to start using the toilet but we were just ignoring it, it seems so. We started on a Friday and as soon as Monday came, he was leaving the house to the day care with his brand new Spiderman cute boxers! At this precise moment my sister is working on the youngest since he just experienced the brother going through it so he is very much excited! We are pretty sure he will even be faster than the elder brother! In no time he will be wearing his cute underwear’s and then from now, no more dirty diapers around the house! Two little men they are, all glad to this specific and very helpful method!

How To Potty TrainI and my sister have to kindly thank Carol Cline to have shared her knowledge and time of the Potty Training In 3 Days method and making it available to all of us!! You made our life so much easier! Thank you so much.

The Potty Training In 3 Days is the easiest method to teach our children how to get out of diapers and use the bathroom on their own. Hundreds of parents and kids have already benefitted from this program and now it’s your turn.

The Potty Training In 3 Days is a downloadable eBook which costs $37. Payment is 100% secure and once you buy the book, you don’t have to wait any further. You get instant access to the eBook which is available in PDF format. You will also learn some amazing tips and techniques and some secrets to avoid that bad smell and change those dirty smelly diapers daily.

So check the official website of The Potty Training In 3 Days today and order today to get your child rid of the diapers problem permanently.